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Soulful Living with Heather Vlog

Thank you for joining me on my journey towards a more vibrant and soulful life. Soulful Living with Heather is my personal endeavor to share insights from my creative life and wellness journey, with the hope of inspiring others along the way.

My vlog captures the essence of this journey, documenting the practices and tools that have enriched my life as I strive for greater presence and creativity. From the outset, my mission has been to provide authentic and relatable content that resonates with viewers seeking their own path to fulfillment.

As my journey evolved, so did my content. I expanded my focus to include segments on transitioning to rural and slow living, chronicling the joys and challenges of building a homestead on 36 acres in Colorado.

Blog & Newsletter

I later began blogging, though sporadic at times, to offer deeper reflections and insights into various aspects of wellness, personal development, and mindful living. Additionally, I extend my insights and updates through my newsletter, providing subscribers with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes peeks, and curated resources to support their journey towards a soulful and intentional existence.

Soulful Healing with Heather Services & Programs

As a creative artist and energy healer, I integrate a variety of modalities, tools, and ritual practices to promote holistic well-being in my creative arts programming in workshops and on my second YouTube channel. On my Soulful Healing with Heather Vlog, I delve into the realms of physical, emotional, and spiritual energy body alignment, exploring metaphysical discussions and the tools supporting personal growth and transformation.

My Reiki | ASMR content on the channel serves as a conduit for heightened sensory perception, facilitating peaceful sleep, deep meditation, and moments of self-reflection. Crafted with care, each video offers a soothing and immersive experience for your journey towards inner peace and harmony. These offerings are intended to nurture collective well-being through spiritual discussions, intuitive readings, and healing arts.

Join me on this sacred journey of healing and self-discovery. Together, let's awaken the divine within and embrace the transformative power of soulful healing.

Thank you for plugging into this soulful community. Together, let's continue to embrace creativity, cultivate wellness, and journey towards a more soulful, intentional existence.