About Me


Welcome! I'm Heather, a writer, editor, and educator, with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing. My journey began with a deep passion for language, communication, and the creative arts, propelling me into the field of learning and development.As an educator, I've designed curricula and learning experiences for both adult and young learners, across domestic and international settings.

My career has also included strategic leadership roles, focusing on professional training, program and project management, competency development, and capacity building within the Department of Defense and the training and education industry.

Beyond education, I've honed my skills in various writing capacities, including editing, copywriting, feature writing, and proposal writing. Whether refining a manuscript, crafting compelling marketing copy, or developing comprehensive project proposals, my work is always driven by a commitment to foster growth and transformation at personal, professional, and community levels.

Having navigated a career in academic institutions, government agencies, and the business world, I've gained a versatile toolkit of skills and insights applicable across various contexts and cultures.

Currently, I reside on 36 acres nestled in the mountains, where I continue to craft learning programs and explore the boundaries of language and creativity. This tranquil environment fuels my commitment to nurturing community and facilitating growth opportunities in both personal and professional spheres.