How do Healing Arts and Learning & Development intersect?

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Creativity and Wellbeing Principles in the Workplace Lead to Creative Solutions, Effective Communication, and an Energized Workforce.

Navigating Wellness: Integrating Creative and Healing Arts Modalities for Workforce Development and Empathetic Leadership

My experience is also grounded in wellness, wellbeing, and creative and healing arts modalities. Because of my writing and creative arts background and my own struggle back to wellness from an autoimmune condition, I was propelled to study various healing arts modalities for stress management and wellbeing purposes. Later, I integrated these principles, which were so personally beneficial, into my learning and development trainings, finding that they were complimentary to mindful, intentional, collaborative, and empathetic leadership styles. By integrating these principles into workforce development training, my goal is to not only provide the path to honing and developing employee technical skills but also to equip them with the strategies and techniques to manage workplace stress and pressure and to navigate change and conflict to improve workplace climate and culture.

Personal Wellness Journey & Youtube Community

Soulful Living Unveiled: From Vlogging to Healing Arts Community Building - A Journey of Creativity, Wellness, and Homesteading

If you're here because you found me on YouTube first, thank you for stopping in. I began vlogging to share a bit of my creativity and personal wellness journey with others. In the beginning, I set out to document the practices and tools that have been beneficial as I navigate my way to living a more fully present and creative life. Soulful Living with Heather, as a channel, expanded to include segments from my transition to rural and slow living as I build a homestead with my family on 36 acres in Colorado. Later on, it grew to include a (sporadic) blog while my second YouTube channel grew from my wellness training and my desire to connect, build, and support a global wellness community. On Soulful Healing with Heather, you can find free Reiki | ASMR content to support your energy body systems, peaceful sleep, heightened sensory perception, meditative practices, and self-reflection. YouTube has been a great way for me to rediscover my creativity while also being a place to build and grow a healing arts community focused on healing, personal development, and a balanced well-being. Thank you for your patronage and support!

The Poetic Path to Well-Being

Coming Soon - Energetic Harmony: The Interconnectedness of Poetry and Reiki

Soulful Living with Heather, the Blog, highlights my personal growth and ​wellness journey, showing how they've impacted my personal and professional intentions, insights, goals, and relationships. Articles focus on intentional and ​creative living covering a wide range of elements including poetry, philosophy, metaphysics and mysticism, lifestyle and wellness practices, insights from my spiritual and poetic life, and tips on how to live with intention. I also incorporate personal and professional development and training insights based on my learning and development background. By sharing my own experiences, inspirations, and ideas, I aim to provide readers with guidance on making conscious choices to align their personal and professional lives with their values and passions. Through the combination of personal growth, wellness principles, ​intentional living, and creativity, my blog offers a holistic approach to living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

3 articles

Testimonials for Learning and Development Services

Heather is exceptionally talented at curriculum design, strategic thinking, research, writing, and project management. She is highly professional and leads with integrity and compassion. It was a pleasure being her teammate and seeing her leadership with Emotional Intelligence.

Kristin Baer, Leadership Development Specialist | Consultant | Facilitator | Coach

It’s rare that you come across a standout talented, educated, and empathic leader like Heather. I had the pleasure of working with Heather for a few years and collaborated with her on several Leadership and individual contributors development projects. Her passion and affection for developing programs that provide individuals with the learning and skills to be better leaders is truly something to admire.

Carlos Cadogan, Certified Emotional Intelligence | Certified Cultural Intelligence Consultant | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Enthusiast

I had the pleasure of working with Heather in many capacities. We both were Instructional Designers at the Defense Language Institute, and she later transitioned to the L&D team. Heather stood out in her research on project durations and cost-benefit analyses, and has been a source of insight when I've needed it. She's extremely knowledgeable, organized, analytical, and approachable. I would definitely work with her again and would be happy to further offer a detailed recommendations to anyone who'd like to reach out.

Daniel Moon, Instructional Designer | eLearning Developer

I had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Heather when she was an instructor, instructional supervisor, and training and development specialist. She excelled in all three roles. She is patient and thoughtful in working with others and a great person to have on your team. She truly understands how to reach learners and support their growth. I got to participate in some of the training programs Heather developed and facilitated. They were relevant and engaging, and the tools and skills have stuck with me. I highly recommend Heather and her skill set for your team or project.

Leslie Valdes, Professional Development Specialist

I had the pleasure of working with Heather at Texas State while we were both pursuing our MFA degrees and teaching. Heather is passionate about impacting others and supporting their growth. Intellectually curious and driven, Heather is a deep thinker who loves to research and stay current with the latest thought leadership. She, too, is a thought leader. She’s creative and original with how she engages and inspires adult learners. Heather not only has a strong work ethic, but she brings empathy and compassion to all she does. Heather is an experienced and dedicated learning and development leader. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather for any role that requires curiosity, creativity, adaptability, trust, a strong work ethic, and the courage to lead. Heather is a treasure. She makes an impact on all who are lucky enough to know her.

Molly Tustison, Senior Sales Learning and Development Specialist at Cambia Health Solutions

I highly recommend Heather, a highly skilled curriculum developer with exceptional research and writing skills. As a peer in the industry, I have had the pleasure of working with Heather on several projects, and each time, I have been impressed with her level of expertise and dedication to the craft. Heather has a keen eye for detail and possesses excellent research skills. She is adept at identifying the key concepts that need to be covered in a curriculum and crafting effective strategies to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Her approach to curriculum development is both analytical and creative, which allows her to come up with fresh and innovative ideas that capture the attention of learners.

I have also been impressed with Heather’s writing skills. She has a talent for crafting engaging and informative content that is both easy to understand and memorable. Her writing style is clear, concise, and effective, making it ideal for use in educational settings. Whether it's developing lesson plans, course materials, or assessments, Heather consistently delivers high-quality content that exceeds expectations.

Jane Persad, Instructional Designer | Teacher trainer | Security Clearance

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